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Plant Development & Investment

Private Power Purchase (PPP)

Greenergy's Private Power Purchase (PPP) agreements offer a cost-effective energy solution for businesses. We build and operate a solar power system on your property, selling the electricity back to you at a competitive rate. Enjoy clean, renewable energy without any upfront costs. After the contract period, ownership of the system transfers to you, ensuring ongoing savings and energy independence. Supported by BOI and ERC regulations, PPP agreements provide a 50% tax credit on investments over eight years. There is also an option for you to purchase the solar power plant from Greenergy if preferred.

Solar PV Equipment Leasing Service

Our Solar PV Equipment Leasing Service provides flexible access to solar energy technology with monthly payments based on actual electricity usage. This hassle-free approach avoids the need for BOI permits, making it ideal for quick and straightforward solar adoption. At the end of the lease term, ownership transfers to you, offering long-term value and energy savings. Greenergy invests in building, operating, and transferring the system, with an option to purchase the solar power plant if preferred.

Solar PV Sell and Lease-Back

Unlock the value of your existing solar installations with our Solar PV Sell and Lease-Back service. Sell your installed solar system to Greenergy to generate immediate capital, then enter into a PPP or leasing agreement to continue benefiting from solar energy at a discounted rate. This model is like refinancing, providing financial flexibility while maintaining renewable energy advantages. Optimize your assets and enhance your financial flexibility with this innovative solution.


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