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Our Story

A journey to the "Perfect Green Energy Solution"

GREENERGY (THAILAND) is a distinguished Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) enterprise, specializing in the holistic development, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of solar power systems. Our expansive portfolio encompasses an array of projects, including solar rooftop installations, solar farms, solar floating platforms, and solar carports.   


Since our inception in 2015 within the Kingdom of Thailand, Greenergy has remained steadfast in its commitment to deliver nothing short of the "Perfect Green Energy Solution." Our unwavering dedication is rooted in providing partners with the utmost cost-effective solutions, all while adhering to the pinnacle of technical excellence and safety standards.   We pride ourselves on offering a sustainable power alternative for businesses spanning both residential and industrial sectors across Thailand and Southeast Asia.


At Greenergy, our team comprises industry-leading experts in Renewable Energy, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Systems, Project Management, and Financial Management. This diverse blend of expertise positions us uniquely to deliver unparalleled "Perfect Green Energy Solutions" tailored to the specific needs of our clientele.

Green Leaf

Our Mission

At our core, we are dedicated to delivering cost-effective, high-performing Green Energy Solutions that empower our clients to meet their sustainability targets and contribute to a cleaner, renewable energy future as valued members of the RE100 initiative.

Trees From Above

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leading provider of impeccable Green Energy Solutions, delivering optimal value for cost, and attaining RE100 accreditation as a testament to our commitment.

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Our Journey

Quest for Reliable Solar Solution

In 2015, Mr. Paul Santawee's quest for a reliable solar solution for his villa in Khao Yai led him to establish Greenergy Thailand. With his engineering background and business expertise, he created a company that would provide affordable and sustainable energy solutions to Thai households.

A Decade of Growth

2017: Greenergy expanded to commercial and industrial customers, offering C&I Solar PV Solutions.

2020: The company established itself as a leading player in Thailand's renewable energy sector.

2023: Greenergy surpassed 1 billion THB in revenue, with 1,200 MW of installed capacity and 250 MWp of experience.

A Sustainable Future

Today, Greenergy Thailand remains committed to delivering comprehensive green energy solutions, driving Thailand towards a cleaner, greener future. Join us in shaping a sustainable tomorrow.









CEO & Co-Founder

Paul Santawee

Paul brings a wealth of diverse expertise to the table, spanning across engineering, senior management, and advisory roles within several prominent Thai state enterprises. His extensive background encompasses engineering, sales, marketing, and management domains, guaranteeing the infusion of "Modern and Green" quality into our services. With a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, Paul's leadership promises a dedicated approach to meeting client needs with sincerity and innovation.


CFO & Co-Founder

Sopon Asawanuchit

As a founding member of Greenergy, Sopon plays a pivotal role in overseeing the financial and strategic aspects of our business operations. With a rich background in senior management, investment banking, strategic consultancy, and principal investments, Sopon's expertise stems from his tenure at esteemed institutions such as Siam Commercial Bank, Morgan Stanley, McKinsey & Company, Imprimis Limited, and the Office of the Prime Minister. His multifaceted experience positions him as a key architect of Greenergy's success, ensuring astute financial management and forward-looking strategies.


Panumas Santawee

Panumas brings over 15 years of extensive experience to the table, having served as General Manager and Overseas Country Director for a publicly listed company. His track record showcases a history of navigating diverse industries and international work environments with aplomb. With a demonstrated ability to thrive in varied professional settings, Panumas is well-equipped to contribute valuable insights and leadership to our team.

Celebrating Excellence: Greenergy Attains
ISO 9001:2015 Certification
Greenergy proudly announces the attainment of the esteemed ISO 9001:2015 certification for our Quality Management System, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence. This achievement underscores our dedication to consistently surpassing customer expectations while enhancing our operational efficiency and service delivery.
Our attainment of ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores our steadfast commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. It reflects the concerted efforts of our team members, who consistently uphold the highest standards in all aspects of our operations. This certification not only validates our endeavors but also solidifies our standing as a reliable partner in providing exceptional products and services to our esteemed clientele.
At Greenergy, our dedication to excellence and continual improvement remains unwavering. The attainment of this certification reaffirms our ongoing commitment to quality assurance and customer satisfaction. We are enthusiastic about the prospects this milestone offers and eagerly anticipate further refining our processes and services to better serve our customers and stakeholders. We express our gratitude for your continued support as we embark on this journey towards greater success together.
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